Test the Web Forward

Better tests for a better Web

2013 Achievements

Hackathon Events

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Seattle, US
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Shanghai, China
  • Shenzhen, China


  • San Francisco, CA (SFHTML5)
  • Tokyo, Japan (HTML5J)
  • Sacramento, CA (SHTML5UG)

Test Submission Made Easier

All tests now on GitHub

Test the Web Forward Brand

Donated to W3C by Adobe

Website Updated & Expanded

One place for W3C testing docs


Public W3C GitHub project

Open for Contributions

What Next?

15000+ more tests needed

6000 tests needing review

Get More Web Developers Involved

Hold smaller meetups & small hacking events

Hold virtual meetups & hacking events

Reward Web Developers for participation outside of events

Expand Educational Outreach

Provide more online education (videos, tutorial, etc) on the TestTWF website

Create online tutorials on sites like Coresera or Kahn

Involve Universities

More UA Involvement

Get UAs regularly running W3C tests

Upstream tests to the W3C

Where possible, write new UA tests in W3C format

Get UA testers involved in W3C testing efforts

More WG Involement

Make Testing a First Class Citizen

Get WG chairs to commit to support testing as much as they do spec evolution

Example: WebApps WG has Test Facilitators for specs

Have Spec Editors Review Tests

Track needed tests as GH issues so others can easily contribute

Get Involved!

This is for Everyone's Benefit

Everyone Needs to Help for it to be Successful

If you have Ideas, Vocalize them

Better Yet, Act on them!

Propose Changes in your WG / UA

Host a meetup or event

Create Tutorials or Videos

Involve your local User Groups and Communities

Improve the documentation or website

Write or Cross Post test-related blogs or articles

Create and/or Review Tests

Make a Difference
Help Drive the Movement

Test the Web Forward


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